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Defensive Play:

In the 10U and 12U age groups, a team will be comprised of ten (10) players if available, if not the game may be played with eight (8) players minimum to be considered a regulation game. In the 14U and 15+ age groups, teams will be comprised of nine (9) players if available. If not, the game may be played with eight (8) players and will be considered a regulation game. If a player(s) leaves the game for any reason other than injury after coming to bat, an automatic out will be taken at her place in the batting order.


USA Softball approved 11” balls will be used in the 10U age group and 12” ball will be used in the 12U and older age groups.

At any bat when four (4) runs are scored, the half inning is complete regardless of the number of outs. When 60 minutes or four innings of play are complete, whichever comes first, the next inning(s) will be an open inning(s). The open inning(s) will have a run limit of eight (8).


In the event of a tie, the batters making the last two outs of the previous inning will be put on

2nd base and 3rd base respectively. Each inning will start with one (1) out. The game will be

extended a maximum of two (2) innings. If the score is still tied after two additional innings the game will be recorded as a tie.


When a play at home plate occurs, the base runner should make every attempt to avoid a collision with the Catcher.


In all age groups, outfielders must be positioned in the grass prior to the ball being hit.


The Look Back rule is in effect. The rule states that when the pitcher has possession of the ball within the 8' radius circle and is not making a play on a runner, a runner must immediately return to her base or proceed to the next base without hesitation or be liable to be called out by the Umpire. No runner may leave a base when the pitcher has possession of the ball in the circle and is not making a play on a runner. If the circle is not marked, the Umpire will approximate the circle radius when making this judgment call.  Exception: when a batter receives a walk, runners on 2nd or 3rd can remain off their bases until the batter-runner reaches 1st base. As soon as the batter-runner reaches 1st base and the pitcher has the ball in the circle, the other runners must return to their base or commit to the next base.


12U Specific Rules:

Once the pitched ball leaves the Pitcher’s hand, the runners may attempt to advance. A base runner leaving early may be called out. If the Catcher attempts to throw out an advancing base runner and the ball is overthrown, the runner(s) may continue to advance at their own risk.

Intentional walks are permitted (one per game in 12U).  If a pitcher intends to intentionally walk a batter, all pitches must be legally delivered to the batter. If there are no runners on base, a pitcher wishing to intentionally walk a batter will be granted such by signaling the Umpire of her intention.  No pitches need be thrown for an intentional walk to be granted in this situation.


The infield fly rule is in effect for 12U and older play.


The dropped 3rd strike rule is in effect for 12U and older play.


The look back rule is in full effect.


If there is a safety bag present on the field at first base, the runner shall make every attempt to hit the safety bag.  If a runner collides with a first basemen, who is not on the safety bag, the runner will be ruled out and no other base runners may advance beyond the base they were on prior to contact with the ball.  If a 1st baseman is on the safety bag, interference will be signaled by the umpire, and defensive interference rules will apply.