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6U Universal Rules:

Time limit is 60 minutes. Teams will finish the inning.


When lining the field, the field must contain the following :


1.      Hash marks to identify the half way point between 1st and 2nd and 3rd and home.

2.      An arc 8 feet in diameter will be drawn in front of home plate from the foul lines.  Any batted ball that stops or is fielded within the arc is considered foul unless caught by the pitcher, which shall be considered an out.


Two (2) base coaches may be on the field to assist base runners and three (3) coaches may be on the field to assist the defense. Coaches must remain behind the defensive players and cannot interfere in any play.


All players present will be on the field defensively and will bat regardless of the number of players present. No substitution is required and there are no forfeits due to the number of players. If there are more than 10 defensive players, infield positions will be fielded and the rest of the players may play outfield, starting on the grass before each play.


Each team will bat through their entire batting order once each inning. If the number of batters is not the same between the two teams, the team with less players may bat up to the number of batters on the team with the highest number of players.


Batters will have six (6) opportunities to put the ball in play. They can receive any combination of pitches from the coach or swings off the T. The Coach may pitch from any appropriate distance in order to give the batter an opportunity to hit the ball. All efforts should be made to let the batter put the ball in play, but time should be considered. A 10" or 11”softie ball will be used for all games, with the home team providing the game ball(s).


If possible, defensive players should be rotated to different positions except in situations where injury or embarrassment may occur.


All balls hit within the infield will result in a single, unless an out in made on the batter.  Play will continue if the ball is hit into the outfield.  All play stops once the ball breaks the plane of the infield after being hit into the outfield.  If the player is past the half way point, identified by the hash marks between 1st and 2nd and 3rd and home, she may continue on towards the next base, if not, she must return to the previous base.


After the 1st two games, when an offensive player is ruled out, she must vacate the base and return to the dugout. (Continue encouraging the players, but help them understand the game by vacating the base.)


The purpose of this age group is to have fun, work on basic skills and build enthusiasm for the game. No score will be kept, all players are WINNERS.